Delivering a Future-Focused Digital Experience

As investors increasingly demand a more robust digital investing experience—one that mimics the intuitive e-commerce functionality to which they’ve grown accustomed—advisors find themselves relying on multiple providers to cobble together an end-to-end journey for their clients.

But patching together siloed solutions creates an experience that feels fractured, disjointed and outdated.

FusionIQ offers a streamlined digital investing experience on a single platform, with fractional share capabilities via an existing custodial relationship – saving you time and costs.

Revolutionizing the investment experience for both advisors and investors by empowering both self-directed and advisor-led journeys with a diverse range of investment options, FusionIQ’s digital investment platform democratizes access to to sophisticated investment strategies, displaces unnecessary platform costs and prioritizes the value of comprehensive financial advice.

Our advisor platform integrates directly into your existing offering and lets you provide the client-first digital experience that modern investors demand.

Access an Advisor Platform that Unlocks Efficiency

FusionIQ is a first-of-its-kind digital investing platform empowering the seamless delivery of turnkey and friction-free, personalized investment experiences.

From effortless digital onboarding and account funding to a transparent, white-labeled investor portal to friction-free access to a broad investment universe, FusionIQ removes the tedium from the traditional investment process.

Give Investors a Digital Investing Platform Built for the Modern Age

Today’s investor doesn’t want to sit in an office or fill out mountains of paperwork to get an account open and funded.

In our age of connectivity and instant gratification, traditional wealth management processes simply aren’t good enough.

Transform how you think about digital onboarding with FusionIQ.

Who is FusionIQ?

FusionIQ is a digital investment platform empowering banks, credit unions, RIAs, broker dealers and wealth managers of all sizes with the ability to create a transformative, personalized investment experience for their retail clients at scale. Through a revolutionary approach to the digital investing experience, FusionIQ breaks down traditional barriers to the investment process by eliminating friction within workflows, democratizing access to a broad spectrum of investment options and displacing unnecessary platform costs.

Want to Attract Next Gen Investors to Your Credit Union?

There are a number of ways credit unions can continue to attract young investors to their business – if they’re willing to prioritize providing a digital, end-to-end, personalized investing experience.

Get our guide to discover how you can offer a truly differentiated experience for your credit union members.