Back in May 2021, we announced a partnership with YieldX to revolutionize the way advisors and investors access fixed income and cash management solutions.

Through YieldX’s InPaaS – a portfolio construction tool that optimizes fixed income ETFs and closed-end funds for a desired income or yield target with the lowest risk and expense ratio – FusionIQ’s clients have access to over one million investment products.

As we continuously seek to deepen the way retail investors can access a full range of digitized investing solutions, we wanted to step back to explore the ways tapping into YieldX helps investors enhance their digital investing experience.

Investors utilizing FusionIQ’s platform, whether through its digital advisor experience or self-directed journey, can design and manage income investing solutions through YieldX InPaaS, including enhanced cash management, personalized retirement income, and thematic fixed income exposures.

Through FusionIQ’s digital investing workstation, investors build their own personalized income investing portfolios based on their unique financial goals. Investors have the ability to comb through the entire fund universe to build efficient portfolios at a lower cost, all within their self-directed or digital advisor experience with FusionIQ.

Beyond building portfolios, YieldX and FusionIQ enable investors to service and monitor portfolios on an ongoing basis through auto rebalancers and the ability to change an investment amount. When an investor wants to add or withdraw funds from their portfolio, YieldX will show them how to buy or sell across funds to create an optimal portfolio.

When coupled with YieldX’s vast array of income and alternative investing solutions, FusionIQ becomes a one-stop-shop for investors looking for an intuitive, fully digital investing platform. Every step of the investor journey from account opening to managing fixed income investing is fully digital.

Get in touch to learn more about leveraging FusionIQ and YieldX for your digital investing today.