Dual Journey

The Dual Journey Platform enables Advisors to deliver an industry-leading digital advisory and self-directed user experience to their clients. The platform can deliver the advisor’s proprietary models and also supports third-party models, offering investors a diverse and unique range of investment options.


The platform allows investors two possible journeys,
self-directed trading and an industry leading digital advisory user experience on a single dashboard.

A self-directed approach to investments where the client is educated but not advised regarding investment decisions. The investor chooses his or her own investments.

A digital advice approach solicits information from the client, and uses that information to recommend optimal investment portfolios in order to meet the Investor’s objectives. The information, recommendation logic, and standard investment instruments are at the sole discretion of an RIA. The platform will have a robust ecosystem to support the RIA in their discretion.

NOTE: The RIA is legally responsible for those
elements, but the platform will provide tools and
presets to make this a more approachable task

Robust Platform Trading

Trade individual stocks and ETFs, and build customized portfolios

Goals Based Investing

Investors can have multiple investment goals with an appropriate
portfolio recommendation for each goal

Gamified User Experience

A series of games and rewards to keep investors engaged through onboarding, funding and throughout the investment journey


Monitor and track securities of interest