As the industry’s first finTAMP, FusionIQ marries the best of financial advisor technology with the capabilities of a modern, powerful TAMP, at a fraction of the cost.


  • Supporting your business where you are: Whether you are an individual advisor or overseeing a multi-advisor platform, the finTAMP is there to work for you. The goal of our support and efficiency is to help you continue to improve your relationship with your advisors, your advisors’ relationship with their clients and ultimately drive enhanced performance at every level of your firm
  • A second-to-none client experience: Our user experience is designed by professionals with decades of both investment management and technology experience. The result is a client and user experience that is practical, easy to use and understand.
  • Flexibility and control: We built the finTAMP with the flexibility to match the needs of your business. You can utilize our end-to-end investing platform: from portfolio analysis to proposals to manager selection and reporting. At the same time, our flexible design allows you to attach to our platform tools that you need the most. For example, we provide access to a curated list of high-quality strategists. However, if you build your own models, our platform can help you compete at any level
  • Cost effective, streamlined workflows: The finTAMP builds efficiencies into your investment and business strategy to allow you, as an advisor or advisory firm, to accelerate growth with improved margins. The same system allows for outsourcing or minimizing of operational tasks that can limit your ability to grow. This allows you to reposition important resources to growth and the client experience.
  • Access to important client acquisition and investment management tools: The finTAMP tool-kit is well stocked with a full spectrum of investment tools. This includes access to high-quality well vetted investment strategists, alternative investments and other diversifying asset classes. Experience superior rep-as-pm portfolio management tools, analytics and insights, along with a thoughtfully designed proposal and proposal generator.

finTAMP Platform Highlights


Our easy-to-use finTAMP proposal generator allows for the creation of fulsome client proposals.

Below are a few sample pages from the proposal report:


Our finTAMP platform allows for the creation and maintenance of advisor-curated portfolios.

The platform allows for flexible rebalancing options and can be fully automated or manually reviewed and released.


FusionIQ’s Model MarketPlace allows advisors to select from a wide variety of portfolio strategies and styles.

Drill down into Model Portfolios to see the Portfolio Profile, as well as Asset Allocation and Style Box


Our finTAMP platform allows for a 100% digital onboarding process.


Our finTAMP platform has robust client-level account views and functionality.