What can a digital Investing platform do for your business?

FusionIQ offers a digital investing platform that plugs into your existing offerings as well as new proprietary products, creating a new revenue source that encourages increased client engagement.

Take advantage of our better, faster and cheaper platform you can access anytime, anywhere.

  • Automated, streamlined, paperless back office solution
  • Quick and painless account opening process that is custodian agnostic and integrated with existing systems
  • Actionable information created from proprietary research and scoring system available on a user-friendly dashboard and intuitive client interface
  • Robust research platform that makes it easy to view, sort, screen and rank securities and sectors in real-time and historically
  • Automatic asset allocation, rebalancing and an abundance of tax loss harvesting
  • Unique investment strategies and theme-based portfolios including ESG

White label solution

We understand how important it is for you to have your clients interact in an environment that represents your brand–so the investment platform is totally customized to your specifications including your colors, logo and language.

Each white label site allows your clients to experience the same consistent touch points on multiple devices or in-person.

Streamline Operations

Streamline your operations through a paperless, automated process.

Our digital investment platform gives you the ability to open accounts quickly and paperless. The automated asset allocation, rebalancing and tax harvest tools allow you to manage those accounts efficiently.

Open Architecture

FusionIQ’s digital investment platform provides you with all the tools needed to deliver a digital solution to your clients. We understand that each solution is unique, which is why we are custodian agnostic, giving you the ability to choose the custodial firm that makes the most sense for your needs.

  • Create custom portfolios based on tailored risk assessment questions and mapping
  • Comprehensive analytical tool set and workstation to create portfolios while aggregating required data and point-of-sale suitability analysis
  • Fees that are transparent to each end client
  • Unique client experience based on your own brand

Scale your business

We charge an account fee rather than basis points, allowing for a cost sensitive digital solution.

In addition, we have negotiated competitive agreements with several custodians and offer the ability to trade fractional shares. Offers a low cost solution with the flexibility of fractional shares, allowing you to profitably attract and service smaller accounts. This enables you with the ability to scale your business without the challenges smaller accounts typically represent.


Leveraging FusionIQ’s adaptive dynamic portfolios through a white labeled digital investment platform can provide a whole new market opportunity for your business.

Even firms not traditionally in financial services have the ability to provide a low cost, quality solution to their client base. This allows them to enhance the client experience and build brand loyalty.