FusionIQ Partners with 1-ClickTrade to Transform ETF Marketing

New offering provides advisors, asset managers push-button convenience, advanced trading analytics on Exchange-Traded Funds

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 28, 2023 – The Wealth Advisor, a Santa Monica-based subscription publication that provides news, opinion, and education for wealth managers that reaches 330,000 financial advisors, RIAs, estate planners, wirehouse, and independent brokers – online and in print – today announced a partnership between FusionIQ, a leader in the delivery of cloud-based wealth management solutions with their all-in-one digital platform for financial advisors and institutions – and 1-ClickTrade.

The partnership introduces cutting-edge FusionIQ technology that boosts Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) marketing and asset management. It aims to simplify the lives of advisors, empower fund managers, and enhance the effectiveness of promotional efforts. Investment portfolios are offered by IQvestment, an algorithmic portfolio management creation software and research tool.

“Advisors and asset managers have been complaining for years that there’s a deep disconnect between delivering information about investment solutions and implementation, which is where 1-ClickTrade system comes into play,” said Scott Martin, Managing Editor of The Wealth Advisor. “At last, advisors can trade directly into client accounts whenever they encounter a superior and suitable fit for the portfolio, unlocking improved investment outcomes faster and more efficiently. And the fund managers finally see results in real time. This is the future.”

ETFs in the United States alone command an impressive sum exceeding $10 trillion in assets, meticulously distributed among a staggering 3,200 ETF offerings. Market observers have said there is boundless potential for expansion and pioneering advancements within this dynamic sector.


“We’re excited to have the FusionIQ One platform power 1-ClickTrade,” said Mark Healy, Chief Executive Officer of FusionIQ. “Our integrated wealth management platform has the flexibility to deliver game-changing innovation to a broad range of new initiatives in financial services, creating value beyond conventional approaches to wealth creation.”

The core technology behind this partnership is FusionIQ’s Digital Advice module. The module enables clients to click directly on ETF advertisements in publications using 1-ClickTrade, leading them to a risk tolerance questionnaire and matching them with their desired portfolio. 1-ClickTrade offers distribution reach for product providers and streamlines the process for advisors and their clients, providing a fully integrated experience. It is currently awaiting patent approval.

Key features of this partnership include the following:

Innovative “Buy Now” Approach:
1-ClickTrade replaces traditional “Learn More” buttons with “Buy Now” options, dramatically shortening the sales cycle and increasing promotional effectiveness.

Real-Time Digital Dashboard: Advisors gain access to up-to-the-minute reports on fund flows for every ETF, facilitating informed investment decisions. The dashboard will provide as much as 80% of all fund flow data available through a single pane of glass.

Expedited Investment Process: Investors can swiftly transition from initial interest to taking action, reducing the time required for investments.

Inclusivity: Financial publications can join the 1-ClickTrade ecosystem, exploring data monetization opportunities.

Enhanced Transparency and Convenience: Real-time data empowers advisors to make well-informed decisions promptly, benefiting clients.

Disclaimer: 1-ClickTrade is a technology partnership with The Wealth Advisor, FusionIQ and IQvestment, a registered investment advisor. Advisors’ sign-up is offered at 1-Clicktrade.com. is proprietary and registered with the United States Patent Office, Patent Pending.

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FusionIQ makes it easy for financial advisors and institutions to be digital wealth leaders. The intuitive, all-in-one FusionIQ One platform has four easy to implement modules – Digital Advice, Self-Directed, Digital Model Marketplace, and finTAMP – making digital transformation hassle free. FusionIQ One’s simple, pay as you grow approach, makes it easy for credit unions, banks, RIAs, independent broker dealers and asset managers to scale, delivering the digital experience clients and advisors want and the workflows and process automations they need to grow. With white label integrations complete in as little as six weeks, it’s easy to see why FusionIQ One’s integrated multi-custodian platform is quickly becoming the digital solution of choice for advisors and institutions. To learn more, please visit: https://fusioniq.io

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