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FusionIQ is an innovative fintech company that empowers you to attract and service investors through the web. The platform uses risk assessment questions to match investors with customized portfolios and asset allocation models. Digital investing platforms are the solution to compete in today’s technological world and attract “next gen” clients.

Scale your business

  • A white label website configured to your specifications on multiple devices
  • The ability to accept and service smaller accounts at a low cost
  • Provides non-financial firms the ability to deliver investment services to their clients

Streamline Operations

  • Quick online account opening process
  • Automated and streamlined paperless back office
  • Automatic asset allocation & rebalancing

Intelligent Investments

  • Proprietary research and scoring system
  • Over 125 theme-based, adaptive, and dynamic model portfolios
  • Ability to create and customize your own portfolios

With deep roots in financial services investing, operations, and technology, FusionIQ has developed a comprehensive digital investment platform powered by their proprietary research and security scoring/ranking system.

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