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Whether your goal is democratization of the investing process, a small accounts solution, a new revenue channel, lowering infrastructure costs, or faster client onboarding, FIQ Journey will have you achieving your goals in as little as six weeks.

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FIQ Journey

FIQ Journey brings together hybrid digital advice with self-directed investing in a seamless, single investor experience. Our cloud native technology gives you the flexibility your institution needs to scale for profitable organic growth.

Customized Risk Tolerance

We know every organization likes to approach their risk profile questions in their own way, so we let you customize your risk tolerance questionnaire and scoring.

Onboard Fast

Your clients can be onboarded and investing in as little as five minutes on many of the most trusted custodians.

A Flexible Hybrid Advice Approach

Provide maximum flexibility over the digital investing process with a hybrid approach to the investment journey that enables you to offer digital advice that is client driven, rep assisted, or advisor led.

Show Your Clients the Big Picture and Let Them Act

A consolidated Digital Investor Dashboard lets your clients see their entire investment journey across multiple custodians in one place. And lets them invest in risk suitable portfolios.

Goals-based Investing

Helping clients focus investing on life goals lets you deepen relationships. From goal identification during onboarding to an innovative goals calculator and a status tracker on the client dashboard, you create better financial outcomes.

Data Security Compliance

Our SOC 2 Certification is your assurance data security is our top priority.

You Become the Industry Disruptor

America's Best All-in-one Platform

FusionIQ Declared Winner at 2024 Banking Tech Awards USA.

Give Your Advisors
the Full Picture

Our digital Advisor Workstation puts your advisors in control of their practice with a dashboard that delivers a consolidated view of their entire book of business across multiple custodians.

Powerful Portfolio Management Tools

From rebalancing to order management and our Digital Marketplace, which gives advisors a single market for digital assets, alts, private investments and ETFs, FIQ Journey makes it easy for advisors to manage their client’s investments.

Streamlined Digital Compliance

Our compliant friendly platform delivers anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and Customer Identification Program (CIP) tracking for a fully automated middle office.

Seamless Integration of Back-Office Services

From compliance to reporting and custody, the FIQ Journey advisor portal seamlessly integrates your support functions giving you the ability to grow at scale.

An award-winning digital wealth management platform

Best as-a-Service Solution for Wealth Management Banking Tech Awards USA 2024

Excellence Awardee WealthTech Provider of the Year InvestmentNews Awards 2024

Highly Commended 2023 Fintech Futures Banking Tech Awards Best Digital Solution Provider

Excellence Awardee WealthTech Provider of the Year InvestmentNews Awards 2024

Highly Commended 2023 Fintech Futures Banking Tech Awards Best Digital Solution Provider

Double Finalist 2023 'Wealthies' Industry Awards

Double Nominee Fintech/TAMP Platforms 2023 ThinkAdvisor LUMINARIES Awards

America's Best TAMPS 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Meaningful Data Insights

FIQ Journey moves beyond data aggregation to provide transactional data, replacing several custodial back offices with the advisor portal

Teams and Branch Management

From office teams to multi branch hierarchy, FIQ Journey gives organizations the flexibility to seamlessly manage permissions and controls, whatever your size and structure.

Notifications & Alerts

FIQ Journey helps wealth advisors manage their practice with notifications and alerts that keep you on top of your client activity.

Additional Investment Journeys

We understand that some of our clients want additional investment journeys. The Digital Marketplace provides additional investment channels including digital assets, SPV and alternative funds, private investments, and ETFs.

the Digital Game

the Digital Game

Multi-Custodian Platform

FusionIQ integrates with many of the largest and most trusted custodians to minimize conversion risk.

Single Sign On (SSO)

For organizations using SSO, FIQ Journey can quickly integrate to further enhance the employee and customer experience.

API Integration Suite

FIQ Journey comes with an API suite to help with integrations so you can get even more out of your digital investing services.

White Labeled to Build Your Brand

Your brand matters. Our dynamic white label investor website process makes your brand take center stage with your clients. And can be delivered in as little as six weeks.

Multilingual Structure

A multilingual structure lets you communicate with your clients in a variety of languages opening new opportunities for growth.

Mobile App

Whether it’s using our mobile app, or integrating our solution into yours, we deliver the mobile experience your clients want.

Dedicated FIQ Experience Team

We deliver a complete digital implementation experience led by our FIQ Experience Team. From dedicated onboarding resources and adoption consultation to expert relationship guidance, we’re committed to making your wealth management program a success.
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