FusionIQ cooperates with Interactive Brokers Canada

Written by: Private Banker International

Industry leaders in Canada can now access innovations for financial advisers, such as FusionIQ’s FIQ Journey package.

The automated worldwide electronic broker Interactive Brokers in Canada has integrated with FusionIQ, a cloud-based wealth management solution with an a one-stop digital platform for financial advisers and institutions.

The move marks a significant turning point in FusionIQ’s mission to provide advisers with a smooth to digital transformation through modern tools and efficient workflows.

FusionIQ has established itself as a resulting option in North America for financial advisors looking for simple-to-implement solutions to improve client experiences and simplify their efforts to grow for profitable natural expansion.

Moreover, the collaboration links FusionIQ to Interactive Brokers Canada as a third-party provider of portfolio management software.

Mark Healy, chief executive officer of FusionIQ stated: “We are delighted to work with Interactive Brokers Canada to bring our cloud-native wealth management solutions to Canadian financial advisers and firms. FusionIQ’s integration with Interactive Brokers Canada represents a significant opportunity for financial advisers to leverage advanced technology and enhance their competitive edge in the industry. This integration marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide Canadian advisers with the white-labelled wealth management platform they need to thrive in today’s digital landscape.”

For portfolio managers, the Interactive Brokers Canada connection will open up a number of advantages, such as access to FIQ Journey’s Hybrid Digital Advice platform.

This platform offers process automations to improve practice productivity and stimulate scalable progress for portfolio managers by effectively linking the front, middle, and back offices in a single digital workflow.

Chief benefits of FIQ Journey’s Hybrid Digital Advice platform for portfolio managers include:

  • White-labelled investor websites to build brand recognition and credibility in the market
  • Digital-first client experiences including a mobile app that is tailored to meet evolving investor preferences
  • Multilingual structure to create growth opportunities within Canada’s diverse ethnic communities
  • Access to a mass affluent solution to fuel firm growth and engage the next generation of investors
  • Hybrid Digital Advice provides extensive capabilities and functionality for a smooth digital workflow and simple-to-use FIQ Journey solutions.

“FusionIQ Canada’s integration with Interactive Brokers Canada means we will be able to provide portfolio managers with an end-to-end practice management solution leveraging Hybrid Digital Advice,” added Howard Atkinson, head of business development at FusionIQ Canada.

“This integration underscores our commitment to providing advisers with the modern tools and resources they need to succeed in a competitive market.”

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