Revolutionizing the TAMP and Model Marketplace: Introducing the Digital Supermarket

Today’s investor demands a fully diversified portfolio including alternative investments and fixed income strategies. Find out how FusionIQ’s digital supermarket helps advisors deliver.

Digital first is table stakes. The future of the investment experience is a fully connected wealth management journey that clients can access anytime, anywhere—including a complete set of the asset classes modern investors want to include in their portfolios.

As the demand for alternative investments and fixed income strategies increases, financial services firms need an efficient, friction-free way to offer these assets to clients. Historically, advisors have had to leverage multiple providers, including model marketplaces and prohibitively expensive TAMPs, to create diversified portfolios.

Until now.

FusionIQ’s revolutionary digital supermarket eliminates barriers to alternative, fixed income and traditional assets by building access to models and strategies into the platform itself, combining an advisor-driven experience with the convenience of digital investing to:


Capitalize on the Growth of Alternatives and Fixed Income

The popularity of alternative investments, which include private equity, real estate, hedge funds, collectibles, and anything not covered under the traditional investment umbrella, has been on the rise since the global economic downturn in 2008. Because they’re relatively uncorrelated to the public market, adding alternatives can reduce portfolio volatility overall

Investing in fixed-income strategies, which are often considered low risk, is another way for investors to modify exposure to equity market volatility. Certain alternative fixed strategies can offer better returns during low interest rate environments, and they’re also a good place to start for beginning investors. 

In the past, financial services firms have had to access these strategies, along with more traditional investments, for their clients from disparate providers. FusionIQ’s digital supermarket brings everything together into one place to deliver a user-friendly experience for advisors and investors alike. Through the innovative workstation, advisors can create curated lists of investment ‘themes’ for clients to choose from, including Global Trends, Large Cap Core, Social Stocks and more.


Streamline the Wealth Management Experience for Investors

Today’s tech-savvy investor demands a fully digital experience – one that’s on par with the intuitive tools and apps they use every day. That means friction-free digital account opening and funding, as well as a user interface and simplified investment process that feel familiar, accessible and empowering.

FusionIQ’s digital supermarket is designed to function like an e-commerce platform, mimicking the way people are accustomed to purchasing from online retailers, with regulatory requirements and real-time buying power built right in. 


Provide Advisors with a Clear Competitive Advantage

Modern financial advisors aren’t just competing with the firm down the street; thanks to our increasingly virtual world, they’re up against global organizations, as well as against the robo advisors and mobile trading apps effectively eliminating historical roadblocks to investing. 

The ability to access the full spectrum of investment options to build diverse portfolios for clients is a powerful differentiator for today’s advisor, who is balancing growing client demands with greater commoditization, increased competition and a constantly evolving regulatory environment. 

Leveraging FusionIQ’s automated onboarding workflows, intuitive risk assessment questionnaire and digital supermarket offering, advisors can recommend optimal portfolios to meet investor objectives using FusionIQ’s proprietary models, third-party models, or their own – including traditional assets, fixed income strategies and alternative investments – all from a single place.

See the digital supermarket for yourself.  

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John Guthery, CFA <br> Chief Investment Officer
John Guthery, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

John is a highly respected investment executive, bringing more than 27 years of experience to his role as Chief Investment Officer for FusionIQ. As CIO, John focuses on developing advisor platforms and business lines including finTAMP and Digital Model Marketplace. He also contributes to FusionIQ’s thought leadership and market analysis.

John’s extensive financial services background includes leading market research, due diligence and platform enhancements for top-tier wealth managers including LPL Financial, where he spent 19 years running product research, Park Avenue Securities, Voya Financial and WP Carey where he helped to design and manage public and private real estate funds and public BDCs. | Connect on LinkedIn

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