Wealthtech Roundup: Mark Healy of FusionIQ Is Our Newest Wealthtech Leader Of The Month

Written by: Wealth Solutions Report

Since wealth management is about making connections with people and getting to know them, advisors and firm leaders should apply that skill set when evaluating wealthtech. In addition to testing the platforms, learn about the key personnel running those tools.


Tech leaders who can communicate well – and give you confidence that they understand what matters to you, your firm and your clients – are more likely to have tech products that will work for you, your firm and your clients. Conversely, you might want to reconsider adopting platforms run by people who don’t give you such confidence.

Wealthtech tools for RIAs and IBDs must provide useful solutions that independent advisors face, and deliver enhancements in response to advisor and firm-level feedback. That can only happen if the people making the technology, and their leaders, are aligned with you, their client.

FusionIQ launched FIQ Market One on the FusionIQ One platform. It provides access to investment opportunities and features white-labeled, unified advisor and client portals. The firm also recently expanded its consulting team with the addition of John Phillips as Senior Strategic Advisor. Last year FusionIQ forged a strategic alliance with Valley National Bank and a strategic integration with Blueleaf, a provider of billing, reporting and client aggregation tools.

Read the full Q&A with FusionIQ CEO Mark Healy here:
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