FusionIQ Launches Platform for Breakaway Advisors

Written by: InvestmentNews

From portfolio management to compliance and client onboarding, the new offering takes direct aim at common headaches for independent practices.

Wealth technology firm FusionIQ has unveiled a new platform to make going independent easier for advisors.
The cloud-based wealth tech provider announced the launch of FIQ Freedom, a new digital platform within its FusionIQ One suite, which is aimed at breakaway advisors looking to set up their own independent practices.
“With FIQ Freedom, advisors can break away from conventional RIA models and embrace a new era of autonomy, efficiency, and client-centricity as digital wealth leaders,” Mark Healy, chief executive officer of FusionIQ, said in a statement Thursday.
The platform promises a quick shift to independence, with a runway of as short as six weeks for its advisor users to set up a fully operational digital wealth management practice.
Aside from rep as portfolio manager tools, it includes a workflow connecting front, middle, and back offices, process automations to help advisors scale, and streamlined digital compliance that includes automated AML tracking and KYC processes.
FIQ Freedom also offers fully digital onboarding, with options for client-driven, rep-assisted, or advisor-led processes. Aside from personalized risk tolerance assessments, it also integrates advisor models with third-party strategies to provide a tailored approach to investment management.
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